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Split Screens: Israeli Filmmakers Confront Colonialism

This unique mini-festival will feature award-winning, provocative works by Israeli filmmakers, exploring multiple aspects of group denial and inaction in the face of settler colonialism.


Films will screen as part of Sunday Matinees in October & November,  2023. The screenings will be held at OCAD University's Auditorium (100 McCaul Street, Room 190), followed by discussions on political engagement in Toronto and on the questions raised in the films. Panels will highlight different anti-colonial efforts and delve deeper into the themes raised by the films, exploring questions like - What does working for positive change look like? What does harm reduction in colonialism look like? What are the intersections of anti-colonial struggle in Israel/Palestine and Canada/Turtle Island? 

A Note about the events that started on October 7th:

This summer we began organizing this cutting edge film festival. We felt that showcasing Israeli-made films that address the root of the conflict would create a third space in which honest conversations could take place. 


Then the events of last weekend happened. Like you, we were devastated. As we frantically tried to make sense of the horror that was unfolding, we asked ourselves whether now is the time for difficult and deep conversations. 

The truth is that it is always a very difficult time to talk about the deeper causes and realities of this conflict. Every week horrific violence takes the lives of innocent people and every day injustice prevails. 

We hope that you will join us as we turn on the projectors and fill the seats. We know it will be painful but we are committed to open our eyes, expand our hearts and our minds and we hope you will too. Unlearning has been for us a path to liberation. At a moment like this, coming together in hopeful spaces helps build community and we need each other now more than ever.  Below is an UJPO statement, published October 10th, 2023.

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